Thursday, October 22, 2015



Hi there, what's up ? I have been long time not publish new post on this fu*king blog and now i want give some sh*t word to you m*th*fu*ker.

Hmm maybe it's same like other post that i have been posted long time ago, but this time i use title " I WON'T GIVE UP " it's mean i never ever give up to get your back my fu*king b*thc. You know i may not romantic as the others, not to care, i may a coward & loser. But i can fix it for you.

Maybe it's to fu*king late to say this, but i don't want keep this feeling forever so i write in this fu*king blog & hope you read it. And maybe can change you mind :D i hope so.

I will wait for you beautiful, i will always by your side even you do not realize it. I am always by your side forever :) - M